United Metals Recycling understands the importance of logistics and believes the ability to service our customers with quality, modern, and well maintained equipment is vital to our success. We maintain a fleet of 30 trucks, 50 trailers, and well over 1,000 rolloffs and bins. Our drivers are well trained and provide a vital role to the success of our company.


Rolloff/Bin Containers


United Metals Recycling supplies our industrial and commercial customers with on-site roll-off containers and trailers. Once full, we pick up and empty at one of our recycling yards across the state.

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    Roller Bin

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  • 4x5_yard_xsmall

    4x5 Bin

    Enter description text here.

  • 4x6_yard_xsmall

    4x6 Bin

    Enter description text here.

  • 4x8_yard_xsmall

    4x8 Bin

    Enter description text here.

  • 20_yard_xsmall

    20 Yard

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  • 30_yard_xsmall

    30 Yard

  • 40_yard_xsmall

    40 Yard

Need a bin swapped out? Use our App !!

We created the Rolloff/Bin Mobile Web App so you can easily schedule pickups and dropoffs of bins.

Contact us to setup an account today.

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United Hauling


United Hauling has the capability of organizing transportation for all types of material via our own trucks or other brokerage companies. We can also arrange shipment via rail and international containers as well.

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