Processing Capabilities

United Metals Recycling has the necessary equipment and technology to process your scrap in a way that maximizes the value of each commodity. Cost effectively preparing material equates to a higher value for our customers. We are always working to stay innovative and make sure we have the ability to offer our customers a multitude of options when processing their material.

  • IMG_2921 2

    Wire Granulating Operation

    We are able to chop all of our insulated copper wire to get it to a pure form. Enabling us to not only pay top dollar but also keep it in the U.S.A. 

  • Harris Baler

    Non Ferrous Balers

    located at our facilities, we are able to process our non-ferrous materials in an efficient manner 

  • 8

    Mobile Shears

    We are able to use this at your job site to get the job done

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    Stationary Shear

    Located at our yards, you get it to us and we will cut it down

  • 01ee86639d55932ecf13d1913ed63889024a930619

    Mobile Car Crushers

    Taken onsite to process crush your cars. Contact us today

  • Mobile Baler

    Mobile Baler

    We are able to come to your job site or business and we will turn your pile into cash

  • 010249c29eb1faf2f9a9dc40401a80eb26e2092d47_00001

    Material Handlers

    We have the equipment to get you unloaded

  • Caldwell 2


    We are able to bring these to a job site or use them at our own facilities 

  • IMG_1576

    Aluminum Turnings Puckers

    We can handle your turnings from your machine shop with our two puckers

  • $_3

    XRF Analyzer Gun

    We have the equipment and the knowledge to let you know exactly what you have

  • Mobile-Hard-Drive-Install-004

    Mobile Hard Drive Shredder

    The Security your company needs

  • catalytic-converter-scraps-bulk-supply[1]

    Catalytic Converter Processing

    A de-caner to get the material directly to the refinery which allows us to pay the best in the west

United Metals Recycling can also provide guaranteed material destruction and certification upon request for any material that a customer does not want to be reused in its current form.